Nick Crocker gave a TEDx presentation on Change titled “Floss the Teeth You Want to Keep”.  This talk makes a good companion piece to the 3 of the previous posts:

Willpower to Change is an Exhaustible Resource; Resistance is Futile…; and, Shape the Path to Make Change Stick.

Nick notes 10 things that make change easier:

1. It is easier to add a new behavior than stop an old one

2. Single changes, for a fixed time (Don’t overload your change muscle).  A habit needs 21 days to form (give it 42 days)

3. Baby steps.  Turn goals into activities

4.  Chains of change

5. Create  triggers

6. Measure the change (external)

7. Never change alone

8. Don’t forget the sticks

9. Change your environment

10. Change takes patience

Here is the talk: