Today’s RLF Interesting Reads is a visual cornucopia in the vein of The Visual Miscellaneum by McCandless:

  • Maira Kalman wrote a monthly blog on New York Times starting with the inauguration of President Obama in 2009.  She uses texts, illustration and pictures to tell a story.  I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door was her August 2009 blog entry.
  • Steve McCurry is a National Geographic photojournalist know for his famous NatGeo photo cover of the Afghan Girl.  On his blog, he tells mini-stories using photographs and short quotes.  His photographs drip of humanity and renders a strong sense of place and theme.  The World in Your Cup: Tea and Coffee, What World drinks is a great example of his art.
  • Daily Infographics’ tribute to Steve Jobs: Farewell to a Genius (and in case you want more Jobs, my post on his retirement is here: blog link).
  • NPR’s top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy books of all time in a flowchart form.  Get your geek on!
  • And finally, a nod to Occupy Wallstreet, Henry Blodget has a post full of charts showing why they have a legitimate gripe.

What’s on your reading list?