This is an occasional blog post to capture interesting articles that directly highlight themes from the 33 or so books, we read as part of 2011 NW Regional Leadership Forum.

  • Like the Indian tribe that loses its cultural artifacts in Theft of the Spirit book by Hammerschlag, a story of the Hmong people and the nocebo effect where intense belief literally kills.  And in case we feel smug that it only happens to tribal people, we should recall that we weave intense beliefs as well.  Like that one guy who at a townhall meeting said, “keep your government hands off of my medicare.”
  • Combination of Brain Rules and Creating a Good Life, Bobby McFerrin anthem – Don’t Worry, Be Happy with a neuropsycholgy read.
  • More, along the Brain Rules line: Why Teenage Brains are “moody, implusive, and maddening”, but if “…we smartened up sooner, we’d end up dumber.”
  • Linchpin and Future of Management type of provocative read: Are Jobs Obsolete?
  • Not sure which book this fits with, closest might be Post-American World.  But it is good writing and good story telling, albeit a sad one.  Success in conservation of rhinos and tigers in India’s Kaziranga park, but at a cost to human life: Number One with a Bullet.

What’s on your reading list?

Here is the Regional Leadership Forum (RLF) 2011 Reading List:

Adler  How to Read a Book
Bridges  Managing Transitions
Carr  The Shallows
Catford Lorna and Ray Michael  The Path of the Everyday Hero
DePree  Leadership is an Art
Dotlich  Noel and Wlaker  Leadership Passages
Frankl  Man’s Search for Meaning
George  True North
Godin  Linchpin
Goleman  Working with Emotional Intelligence
Hamel  The Future of Management 
Hammerschlag  The Theft of the Spirit
Heath & Heath  Switch
Huntsman  Winners Never Cheat
Jamison  Nibble Theory
Kouzes and Posner  A Leader’s Legacy
Lencioni  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Machiavelli  The Prince
Mackenzie  Orbiting the Giant Hairball
McCandless  The Visual Miscellaneum
Medina  Brain Rules
O’Toole   Creating the Good Life
Patricia Ryan Madson  Improv Wisdom: Don’t Prepare- Just Show Up 
Patterson  Crucial Conversations
Patterson Kerry et al  Influencer
Rath Tony and Conche Barry Strengths Based Leadership
Shafir  The Zen of Listening
Steinbeck  The Pearl
The Movie  Gandhi
Useem  Leadership Moment
Wallis  Two Old Women
Whyte  The Heart Aroused
Zakaria  The Post American World